Bedbugs: Sleeping Carefree on an Air Mattress


Bedbugs: Sleeping Carefree on an Air Mattress

Bedbugs are a nightmare scenario that has happened to a few of our urban customers. Since these insects love wood, paper, and fabric these bugs live up to their name and will make your bed their new hang out. Hopefully you don’t have to get rid of your mattress (as many people end up doing), but during treatment it’s not the place to sleep. In fact, lots of people sleep on an air mattress until they get the infestation sorted out.

What Are Bedbugs?

In the 1950s, bedbugs were nearly eradicated thanks to the pesticide DDT. However, DDT has been banned due to its negative effect on the environment. This in combination with other factors like increased travel and bedbug pesticide resistance have brought on a resurgence of bedbugs.

What they actually look like is quite small. They’re smaller than your pinky nail, reddish-brown, and flat (giving them an all-access pass to your home). They feed on the blood of mammals. One way to tell if you have bedbugs is the blood smears on the sheets from their fecal matter.

Treating Your Mattress for Bedbugs

There are a few steps to follow to prevent bedbugs transferring from your old bed to your air mattress. The reduced cracks and crevices reduce the likelihood bedbugs can infest your air mattress. Also vinyl isn’t on the list as a bedbug favorite.

Unfortunately bedbugs are largely resistant to chemical pesticides, so this limits the options for treating your house for bedbugs. Professionals resort to steam treatments and other products. Even if you’re going to call in a professional, it’s best to start following these steps to speed up the process of exterminating bedbugs.

  • Pull your bed away from the wall. Bedbugs are ninja-like and crawl up and down walls, into outlets, the baseboards.
  • Strip the bedding and launder it in hot water and then dry it on high heat.
  • Vacuum your bed. Completely pull it apart and put the suction on high. Get the whole headboard, footboard, frame, box spring, and mattress. Empty out the contents into another plastic bag and seal it. Then cover the hose with plastic wrap in case there are residual bedbugs.
  • There are a number of options like diatomaceous earth, you can use on your mattress and around your house. Once you’ve applied your preferred product, put on a mattress cover.
  • Vacuum everywhere before you set up the air mattress you’re going to sleep on.
  • Buy new bedding or bedding that you know is bug-free when you sleep on an air mattress.
  • Place a ring of diatomaceous earth around the air mattress to prevent bedbugs from making on to the mattress.

It’s vital to get a bedbug-free zone to sleep. Besides the physical and financial toll, bedbugs are emotionally draining. Imagine trying to fall asleep knowing that multiple bugs are trying to suck your blood. According to the The American Journal of Medicine, bedbug victims had nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms. Minimize your stress during this time simply by purchasing an air mattress.

There are countless resources about fighting a bedbug infestation. Generally the best way to go is call in a professional to effectively dispose of them. Exterminators provide information to follow to prepare for their visits to optimize their effectiveness. It also helps to be as informed as possible about what steps and precautions to take. Check out some of the links below for more information.


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