Camping Date Night Kit


Back to school is still in its early stages. This means there is still time to get away this weekend with your significant other for a camping excursion. Just one night is all you need to make an excellent camping date event. There’s no need to travel far; you could pull off this date night in the backyard with just as much romance and fun.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Two person tent
  2. An airbed for two
  3. Bedding, pillows
  4. Lantern and a few flashlights
  5. Cookout dinner
  6. Music playing device: cell phone, radio, stereo (whichever is easiest)
  7. Steps to setting up your camping date night:

    1. Prepare a quick tin foil meal to cook on the coals later. A savory recipe we love includes: two chicken breasts, chopped zucchini, onion, green onion, sliced potatoes, salt & pepper, olive oil, a bit of vinegar, lemon pepper, and rosemary. Lay the veggies and chicken together, add the seasonings, and wrap them in the tin foil. Make sure the folds allow you to open it up to check on the progress of the meat.
    2. Find a location: You can try a new camping spot, or transform your backyard into the perfect camping getaway.
    3. Set up the tent together: Turn on the music as you fumble around with the tent pieces, or listen to the sounds of nature.
    4. Prepare your bedding: Decide how cozy the two of you will sleep. You could zip two sleeping bags together, or use a two person sleeping bag for easy cuddling.
    5. Start a fire: The person with the most outdoor skills should probably start the fire. However, this gives the other person a chance to take a lesson from his or her partner.
    6. Start the meal: When the flames die down and the coals are glowing, this is the time to cook your tin foil dinner.
    7. Star gaze: After dinner, take time to notice the sky together.
    8. Play a game of 20 questions, or just reminisce. To increase the competition, bring your favorite board game to play around the lantern’s glow.
    9. Serenade each other with music, if possible. Whether it’s with an instrument or just your voice, music is a great way to show how much you care.
    10. Read notes around the fire: If musical abilities are out of the question, snuggle up and read a love note to one another. Plus, love notes around the campfire tend to be incredibly charming.

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