Best In Home Air Mattress

Now that summer holidays are upon us, it’s likely you’ll have family and friends come and visit you. Not everyone has a guest room where they can put up their guests, so many people resort to an air mattress. With an air mattress at your disposal, you can turn your living room or office into a guest room pretty quickly. We’ve tried a lot of air mattresses, so it’s easy to know which ones guests usually prefer. We also know the best hints and tips to make your guest’s air mattress feel more comfortable.

Tips For any Air Mattress:

  • Keep your Guest Warm and Comfortable: Many of the quality, raised air mattresses offer a memory foam or pillow top that comes with the purchase of the air mattress. This adds comfort to the air mattress, and makes it feel like a real bed. It also helps out in one other way, it keeps your guest warmer. While this may not seem like a concern in the summertime, it’s better to put a blanket between them and the guest. This way, your guest has more options and won’t get cold during the night. It’s easy to take blankets off the top so a guest can achieve the optimal temperature they want.
  • Add Bedding to Any Air Mattress: Air mattresses are designed to fit standard sheets depending on its size. Setting your guest’s air mattress up with regular bedding can go a long way to making a guest feel at home. As previously mentioned, putting a blanket in between the guest and the air mattress is a good practice. (An air mattress doesn’t need this if it doesn’t have a memory foam or pillow top.) Simply put the fitted sheet over top of the blanket, which secures the blanket and the sheet.
  • Offer Ear Plugs and Sleep Mask: To ensure your guest has the best night’s sleep in your home, offer them ear plugs and sleep mask. This is especially important if your guest is sleeping in a place where they noise levels are high, or the morning light comes into the window full force. This way they have an option of sleeping later, even if you’re up and about.

The Best Guest Beds

Perusing around can be a little daunting at times. It can be difficult to sift through all the air mattresses on the site. Also, some things are just hard to quantify, or they simply come down to personal preference. This is also one reason why we offer reviews for each of our air mattresses. This allows each customer the option of reading a variety of opinions. That way, you’re more likely to come across someone with similar preferences to your own.

Even beyond the review, there are product descriptions and pictures designed to help people make an educated decision when it comes to their purchase. Even after all that, there are still air beds that most people agree on as the best in home air mattress.

  • Fox Air Bed Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress: Right off the bat, the nice thing about this air mattress is we have a video you can watch. This helps you to see the air bed more closely, and decide if it has the features you need. Most people agree the Fox Signature Memory Foam is a comfortable air mattress, and some people even use it as their primary bed. This might be due to a number of factors: its 1 inch memory foam, raised 25 inch height, reinforced edges, and one year warranty. It also looks better than most air mattresses and comes with a bed skirt and top sheet. This air mattress is the perfect solution for putting up guests. It’s cheaper than refurnishing a whole new room, but the air mattress is such a great quality guests will sleep well. This air bed runs at $249.99.
  • Intex Memory Foam Top Queen Air Mattress: For those who are looking for maybe a cheaper air mattress should look to the Intex Memory Foam. It may not have all the features of the Fox Air Bed, but it still has received quality reviews. You can watch a video about the Intex Memory Foam to see its unique features in action. This air mattress runs at $99.99.
  • Fox Airbed King Size Best Guest Air Mattress:Sometimes even a queen air mattress won’t cut it. For those of you who are putting up the taller than average guest, this is the air mattress to invest in. It has a 750 pound weight capacity and is 7 feet long, making any guest feel at ease. You could even pull it out for family movie night. Like other Fox Airbeds, it has a high output pump that inflates even this California king in less than 2 minutes. As a middle ground between the two other air mattresses, this bed is $179.99.

Putting up family and friends in small spaces never has been easier. Investing in a quality air mattress ensure a great night’s sleep for all your guests.

If you still feel overwhelmed with how to be a proper host, check out this article by Apartment Therapy, which gives more advice on how to make guests feel at ease when you don’t have a guest room.

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