Using an Air Mattress as a Primary Bed

Sometimes there are situations where people have to sleep on an air mattress longer than a few weeks; this could be either moving, renovating, or long term travel. In these situations an air mattress becomes a primary bed, and it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality air mattress.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, most people feel a mattress and bedding is crucial to sleeping well. A poll by the NSF in 2012 showed that 93% of respondents rated having a comfortable bed and pillow. When it comes to sleeping well, everybody knows mattresses play a critical part.

Moving and Renovating

This is a common time for people to use an air mattress. In this “in between” time of moving or renovating, it can often span many months before houses are sold or renovations finish. We have a number of customers who use their air mattress as their primary bed during this time. One such customer is from Nashville, TN, and he describes his experience using the California King Size Best Guest Air Mattress:

“We bought this bed to use while renovating a house on week-ends. It is very comfortable, easy to set up and hasn’t leaked any air. We have deflated it and moved it from room to room with no problem. We also added a 2″ memory foam topper for added comfort. Very quick shipping. Best purchase we’ve made.”


While people are in the process of selling their home, they look for ways to improve the décor of the home. Buying a whole new mattress just for staging purposes can be costly. An affordable air mattress that looks nice is a useful alternative, and it can be inflated for months. One of our reviewers used her Fox Signature Memory Foam to help stage a room:

“I’m using my air bed to ‘stage’ one of my bedrooms while my house is for sale. I didn’t want to leave the bedroom bare so this was a great alternative. It went together easily & looks terrific. After I sell my house, it will come in handy for a spare bed for visitors in my new home.”

Permanent Guest Bed

Getting a quality air mattress as a permanent guest bed might be a viable solution, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Once money or space no longer becomes an issue, having an extra air mattress around is never a bad idea.

For most guest beds, looking into a raised air mattress with some sort of topper will ensure guests feel right at home.


It even comes down to personal preference, some people just prefer to sleep on an air mattress. This could be for various reasons. Back problems are sometimes a factor in why people opt for an air mattress. If this sounds like you, there are just a few things to keep in mind. Purchase a raised air mattress to limit the strain of getting in and out of bed. Most raised air mattresses are at least 20 inches. This also adds more air to support your back with. An air mattress with a built-in pump is preferable because it allows you to adjust to optimal firmness level.

Even if you don’t have back problems, some customers find they enjoy sleeping on an air mattress. Read what one of our customers out of San Francisco had to say:

“I bought this as a temporary solution but after sleeping on it for a while, I see no reason to get another bed. It is more comfortable than my traditional bed and it will be much easier to move when the time comes. I have had no problem with losing air and it is incredibly sturdy. The height is perfect (and generous at 25 inches).”

No matter the reason for long term use, read what other customers have to say. Every product on our website can be reviewed, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

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