Best In Home Air Mattress

Now that summer holidays are upon us, it’s likely you’ll have family and friends come and visit you. Not everyone has a guest room where they can put up their guests, so many people resort to an air mattress. With an air mattress at your disposal, you can turn your living room or office into a guest room pretty quickly. We’ve tried a lot of air mattresses, so it’s easy to know which ones guests usually prefer. We also know the best hints and tips to make your guest’s air mattress feel more comfortable.

Tips For any Air Mattress:

  • Keep your Guest Warm and Comfortable: Many of the quality, raised air mattresses offer a memory foam or pillow top that comes with the purchase of the air mattress. This adds comfort to the air mattress, and makes it feel like a real bed. It also helps out in one other way, it keeps your guest warmer. While this may not seem like a concern in the summertime, it’s better to put a blanket between them and the guest. This way, your guest has more options and won’t get cold during the night. It’s easy to take blankets off the top so a guest can achieve the optimal temperature they want.
  • Add Bedding to Any Air Mattress: Air mattresses are designed to fit standard sheets depending on its size. Setting your guest’s air mattress up with regular bedding can go a long way to making a guest feel at home. As previously mentioned, putting a blanket in between the guest and the air mattress is a good practice. (An air mattress doesn’t need this if it doesn’t have a memory foam or pillow top.) Simply put the fitted sheet over top of the blanket, which secures the blanket and the sheet.
  • Offer Ear Plugs and Sleep Mask: To ensure your guest has the best night’s sleep in your home, offer them ear plugs and sleep mask. This is especially important if your guest is sleeping in a place where they noise levels are high, or the morning light comes into the window full force. This way they have an option of sleeping later, even if you’re up and about.

The Best Guest Beds

Perusing around can be a little daunting at times. It can be difficult to sift through all the air mattresses on the site. Also, some things are just hard to quantify, or they simply come down to personal preference. This is also one reason why we offer reviews for each of our air mattresses. This allows each customer the option of reading a variety of opinions. That way, you’re more likely to come across someone with similar preferences to your own.

Even beyond the review, there are product descriptions and pictures designed to help people make an educated decision when it comes to their purchase. Even after all that, there are still air beds that most people agree on as the best in home air mattress.

  • Fox Air Bed Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress: Right off the bat, the nice thing about this air mattress is we have a video you can watch. This helps you to see the air bed more closely, and decide if it has the features you need. Most people agree the Fox Signature Memory Foam is a comfortable air mattress, and some people even use it as their primary bed. This might be due to a number of factors: its 1 inch memory foam, raised 25 inch height, reinforced edges, and one year warranty. It also looks better than most air mattresses and comes with a bed skirt and top sheet. This air mattress is the perfect solution for putting up guests. It’s cheaper than refurnishing a whole new room, but the air mattress is such a great quality guests will sleep well. This air bed runs at $249.99.
  • Intex Memory Foam Top Queen Air Mattress: For those who are looking for maybe a cheaper air mattress should look to the Intex Memory Foam. It may not have all the features of the Fox Air Bed, but it still has received quality reviews. You can watch a video about the Intex Memory Foam to see its unique features in action. This air mattress runs at $99.99.
  • Fox Airbed King Size Best Guest Air Mattress:Sometimes even a queen air mattress won’t cut it. For those of you who are putting up the taller than average guest, this is the air mattress to invest in. It has a 750 pound weight capacity and is 7 feet long, making any guest feel at ease. You could even pull it out for family movie night. Like other Fox Airbeds, it has a high output pump that inflates even this California king in less than 2 minutes. As a middle ground between the two other air mattresses, this bed is $179.99.

Putting up family and friends in small spaces never has been easier. Investing in a quality air mattress ensure a great night’s sleep for all your guests.

If you still feel overwhelmed with how to be a proper host, check out this article by Apartment Therapy, which gives more advice on how to make guests feel at ease when you don’t have a guest room.

Fall Asleep Earlier Tonight

My coworker, Juliette, explained that she and her husband made a plan to get to bed earlier this week. “We are useless if we don’t get to bed at a good time,” she laughed. She also explained to me that they are more likely to sleep better if they fall asleep at the same time, so it’s been a team effort for the two of them in improving their sleep. They have both found that making a commitment to be in bed, working on falling asleep, before 10:00 p.m. is a realistic deadline.

Many people wish they could go to sleep earlier, and they often make commitments to do so. However, it can be difficult to integrate a new routine into your lifestyle that will blossom into a habit. Fortunately there are some steps in which you can take to build healthy sleeping routines. Check out our suggestions to help you get you bed earlier and maintain your system:

  • Set a bed time: Children are not the only ones who need a schedule, including a bed time. For a busy life, a bed time is a great way to give yourself the consistent energy you need to accomplish the things you wish to do. Make sure this bed time is reasonable. Everyone has a limited amount of 24 hours in a day, and there are always loads of things to do each night. Consider the time you have been falling asleep. Since you wish to go to bed earlier, start out by adjusting this time to 30 minutes earlier.
  • Time your evening routine: How long does it take you to brush your teeth, take your medicine, wash your face, say your prayers, read a book, whatever it is you do before crawling into bed? It may take you 20 minutes to complete this routine. Not a problem, this just means that you need to calculate this time before your desired bedtime. For example, if you want to get to bed at 10:00 pm, but it takes you 30 minutes to get ready for sleep, then you need to start this process at 9:30. Setting a bed time, doesn’t mean that you say you are going to sleep by 10:00 when you still have a load of things to do.
  • Set an alarm in the evening: Use whatever alarm is least obnoxious (or maybe you prefer a shrilling buzz). In any case, set a dependable alarm that includes the time it will take you to fulfill your routine before bed.
  • Set a curfew for your electronics: If you like to unwind with TV or the latest Deadspin post on your smartphone, then do so at a limited time before bed. It may help you to get to bed earlier if you limit electronic use.
  • Dim the backlight of your electronics: If you must use your phone for emails or you need to read on your tablet before bed, then it can be beneficial to dim the backlight. A bright backlight can affect your ability to fall sleep, especially if your eyes are exposed to it right before sleep. Using a dimmer light will not be as harsh on your eyes.
  • Keep a notepad near your bed: This notepad can be used to jot down things on your mind. Use this scratch paper to unload your worries or build your to-do list for the next day. By writing these things down, you can free your mind and prepare your body to rest.
  • Leave school and work behind: Grant yourself space from work and school. This means that you may have to finish homework and emails earlier. If possible, keep work and school separate from your bedroom. This will help your body to associate your bed with sleep and other private matters.
  • Listen to your body: If you are dragging and feel yourself falling asleep earlier than expected, then listen to your body. Go to sleep when your body naturally needs to, even if you haven’t finished all that you need to do. Your body will thank you in the morning.

You may not be able to fall asleep early right away. This may take time to train your body into a new schedule. Before long, your body’s natural clock will start adjusting, and you will finally be able to get to bed at a decent hour.

What to Look for in a Camping Air Mattress

thanks to Thesavvyshopperblog for this picture!

Summer is around the corner, and many people are gearing up to go camping. Most people need that reunion time with nature to feel human again. For others, they’re living for the moment they can go home and have a proper shower. Check out our infographic to find out what kind of camper you are.

Regardless of how you camp, most people are in the market for a camping air mattress of some kind. There is no need to truly rough it anymore, so it’s always nice to have some kind of buffer between you and the ground. Of course when shopping, there are some factors to think through before your purchase.


If you need to hike somewhere, it’s important to consider the weight of the air mattress. As you’re shopping for air mattresses, check the weights that are listed. Consider how portable the pump is as well, and how it will fit into the rest of your pack. For a camping ground that’s not too far away, it’s probably okay to get a heavier air mattress.


Keep the size of your tent in mind when you’re buying an air mattress. Obviously a king size air mattress is little too big for your one person tent. Examine the dimensions of the bed compared to the size of your tent. In addition to your air mattress, you’ll have to think about where the rest of your stuff will be kept, and what is essential to have in the tent.

There aren’t many air beds designed for a truck or SUV, like the Coleman SUV QuickBed. But it’s an option to think about. Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, a normal camping queen or twin will do.


Even within the confines of your tent, air mattress punctures can still happen. Most people place a tarp under their air mattresses to keep them safe from punctures. When looking around for an air mattress, check out the thickness of the vinyl. It’s best to find air mattresses with at least a 15 gauge (0.38 mm) thickness. Most air mattresses come with a repair kit for those quick fixes. Check out our articles on how to find a leak, and how to repair an leak.


It’s best to have an external pump with camping beds, since most built-in pumps need an outlet to work. Check to see if the pump has a DC plug in, the kind of plug will work on any car 12 volt cigarette lighter. Rechargeable pumps can run on battery life for a little bit can also be used. Pumps that have AC adaptors are meant for an outlet. For hand pumps or foot pumps, it’s best to find one that pumps air on both strokes.

A last minute reminder of accessories to include:

  1. Be sure to bring your patch kit just in case you need a quick fix.
  2. An external pump if needed.
  3. A tarp or something similar to go underneath the air mattress.

Just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. It’s worthwhile to invest in a good airbed you can look forward to using for many camping trips to come.

How to Repair an Air Mattress

Well, this blog post is all about how to fix a leak. To find a leak, check out our previous article by clicking here. Just as a gentle reminder to keep your bed safe by banning pets from the bed and not using any sharp objects around it. Be sure to vacuum the area where you’ll use the air mattress. Of course these precautions only apply if you don’t have a leak yet, and if you’re reading this then you already have one.


Hopefully you’ve marked the leak with a marker or post-it note so you can find the leak quickly. Move your air mattress out into an open area where you have room to work, and gather all the materials that you’ll need to fix it. We recommend some of the following items:

  • Water with a little dish soap or a multipurpose cleaner
  • A cloth towel (try to avoid paper towels)
  • Repair patch kit
  • Vinyl Glue
  • Fine sandpaper or even a nail file
  • A 10 pound or heavier weight

Of course there are many ways to make a patch repair kit, and with each kit different items are included. If you bought an Intex air mattress, then you received just the patch. For the Fox Airbed brand, they offer two patches and a small tube of glue. If you want to buy your own patches, offers a Vinyl Repair Kit with 6 Intex Stick-On Repair Patches. These patches have a self-adhesive, so you don’t have to handle glue separately.

Leaks are actually similar to a famous real estate mantra: location, location, location. How you handle the leak depends on where it is on the air mattress. If your leak is on the bottom of the air mattress, like most leaks are, then the fix is usually simpler. However, if your leak is on the top where the flocking is, then there is an extra step involved; although, it’s nothing too tricky:

  1. Keep your air mattress deflated during this process; it helps for moving it around as you patch the leak.
  2. Note: This is an extra step for an air mattress with a leak on the top of the air mattress. Dab the leak and the surrounding area with a wet cloth. You can do this with the wet cloth or a spray bottle filled with water. Once this is done, take the sandpaper (or nail file) and remove the flocking around the leak. Remove enough flocking to match the size of the patch with which you’ll be covering the spot.
  3. For top leaks and any other leaks, you can now start cleaning around the leak. Grab your soapy water or multipurpose cleaner and gently remove any fibers or dirt.
  4. Once the area is clean, then dry the area with a cloth towel. (Avoid paper towels since they leave behind little fibers when you use them.)
  5. If you use glue to stick the patch on, apply a generous amount over the leak.
  6. Place the patch over the glue and hold it in place for at least 10 seconds.
  7. Take the 10 pound weight and place it over the patch. Keep it there for at least six to eight hours. This should really secure the patch before you inflate it again.

After waiting for the patch to adhere, inflate the air mattress again to test out how well the air mattress works with the repair patch.

How to Find a Leak in an Air Mattress

Many people have difficulty locating a leak in an air mattress. Leaks don’t have to be very big to cause your air mattress to slowly deflate during the night. Air mattresses are durable, but to a point. Very literally a point, because they can take a lot of weight, but a sharp point is often their undoing.

Before you set up your air mattress, vacuum the area where it will be set-up. This will hopefully get rid of any unseen needles or staples or other sharp objects. Although you love your pet dearly, don’t let them on the air mattress. Their claws can puncture an air mattress as they walk across it, even if it has sheets on it already. The likelihood goes down, but you don’t want to mess with fate. If you think your lovely cat is excluded, then you’re wrong. Just because they have retractable claws doesn’t mean they won’t un-retract them and cause some damage to the air bed.

  1. Get in an open area that allows you to move around. This helps to maneuver the air mattress much easier.
  2. Then pump up that air mattress as full as it will get, and then go a little longer than you think the air mattress might need (only about 30 seconds though.)
  3. Take this time now to visually inspect your air mattress. Start on the bottom of the air mattress, since that’s more likely where the hole is. Keep in mind, even if the hole is very small, it’s still possible to see it. It’s just more difficult.
  4. If you’re still having trouble, moisten your hand or lick your lips, and move your hand or lips a few inches away from the air mattress. The moisture helps your skin to be sensitive, and increases the likelihood you’ll feel the air flow.
  5. Once you’ve found the leak, make sure you mark it with a sharpie or a post-it note. Don’t use a pen that could give your air mattress another puncture.

There are many tips out there about how to find leaks in an air mattress. One example is the soapy water method. This is a messy way to try and find a leak and works only on larger holes. Since bigger leaks are easier to find anyway, it’s best to avoid such a method.

Also, never follow any method that requires you to fill your air mattress with water. This will just damage your air mattress, and the moisture will cause mold to grow inside.

Watch this video for additional instructions.

Looking For The Best Air Mattress?

Ok, I have to be honest, after reading thousands of reviews on hundreds of different air beds, I wonder why air beds are still the top choice for spare beds, guest beds or camping beds.

Your concern may very well be the same concern that thousands of us have.  ”Is this thing going to lose air?”  Well, after years and years of research, I have found that if an air bed starts “losing air” whether it is 5 years old or 5 days old, it might just be an accidental puncture.

No matter the brand, warranty or company it was all the same.  ”bed leaks”,  ”air bed started leaking after one week”,  ”weak air bed, started leaking on the bottom” and on it goes.

So, why air air beds so puncture prone?  Well, to make sure the air bed is comfortable and  enjoyable to sleep on, air beds are made with relatively thin material.  Otherwise you would be better off sleeping on the floor.  Unfortunately, this also can create problems for those who encounter a sharp object when sliding the air mattress around.

After selling hundreds of thousands of air beds, Airbeds4less decided to create a private label “Fox Air Beds”, and make the best air mattress out there.  Now, “best air mattress” couldn’t be more cliche right?  When trying to make the “best” air mattress we knew a few things needed to happen.

First, the air beds needed to be strong.  Thicker vinyl than even Aerobed and camping air beds of Coleman.  To be the best air mattress, it cannot be problematic for those who use it.

Second, it MUST be comfortable.  No achy backs or necks in the morning.  Comfort is so important to those who seek out a great guest bed or permanent bed for themselves.  Way too many air beds leave you sagging towards the middle of the bed by morning.

Third, it MUST has space for two!  I am so sick of boxes stating certain dimentions and then the product is something totally false.  So, the sleeping surface IS AS ADVERTISED!  A true King or Queen, no trimming off 5 inches, yes, 5 or sometimes 6 inches to save a buck.

So, after putting these concerns to rest, we found what would be the “BEST” yes, “BEST” air mattress.  With an extemely high output air pump, you can inflate an entire king size air mattress in two minutes.  Coil beams that feel like a real bed and do NOT leave you sagging in the middle by morning.  And 33% thicker vinyl on the bottom and sides make it far more durable without compromising the comfort.  And, the dimensions…are true king and queen dimensions.  No need to “allow for stretching” as manufactures will have you do.

Go ahead and read the amazing reviews.  Nothing but 5 stars.  Ok, two 4 stars to date.  But, we are so excited about the results, we are soon bringing a memory foam air bed to the Fox Air Bed line.  We already have the “Best Air Bed” right?  Now we need the “Most Comfortable”.

Take a closer look at the videos and see for yourself why these air beds are getting such great reviews.

Have you considered an air mattress topper?

Mattress toppers can be the perfect addition to anyone’s back when it comes to sleeping. Not only will you get the support you need, but it is extremely comfortable. You can be sure to put your feet up and relax when the time comes and get the most out of your experience when sleeping on one of these luxury mats. Not only are they supportive, but they are extremely comfortable. You’re never going to want to get out of your air bed again when it comes to sleeping on one of these wonderful mattresses. This is probably one of the best ways to go when it comes to adding some extra padding on the bed that you own, or perhaps just using it as a bed if you do not have one yet. You have all the options out there across the internet, and now all you have to do is put some money down and get the best sleep you have ever had.

Choosing an air mattress for you.

When it comes to choosing an air mattress, you should not have to sacrifice quality for price. This is because you need a good dependable mattress without having to spend loads of money in order to get it. You know that having this type of mattress will last you awhile, and it is extremely comfortable. You do not want to feel like you’re sitting on a piece of plastic if you do not have too. You can get comfort and affordability all in one mattress. It does not matter what you’re using the mattress for, but you can know that you’re getting a really good deal in the process even if it is for your camping bed or just a spare overnight bed for your kid’s friends. You can choose the best, not settle, and get wonderful results. This allows you to have the upper hand, save money in your pocket, while also being able to have the comfy air mattress.

What is the best portable bed?

If you need a portable bed, then you need to know what type of bed to get. You want something that can easily be put up and taken down without any problems. This is when an air mattress might come in handy. You do not have to worry about having to do loads of steps in order to get the bed in good working order since it blows up in just seconds. It deflates in seconds as well when you’re not using it and you want it out of the way.

Best Portable Bed

This is great for on the go, or even when you have the whole family spending the holiday weekend at your home and everyone needs somewhere to sleep. Everyone should have a comfortable spot, and having one of these affordable mattresses can provide just that for each one of your guests that come to stay. Why think about it any longer?

Best Air Beds

Check out some of the best air mattresses out there for each and every one of your needs. They come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone.

King  Air Bed

King Air Bed

You can pick up a single, twin, full, queen, and even king size mattress when you want to make sure you have somewhere to sleep. The size depends on where you want to bring it, space, and how many people are going to be sleeping there.

Queen Air Bed

Queen Air Bed

You have to make sure there is enough room to set it up, while also having enough room for everyone to sleep on it as well. This might be something that not a lot of people think about when it comes to purchasing their mattress.

Twin Air Bed

Twin Air Bed

Now you can think ahead however, and make sure you have everything set up ahead of time. Check out the different sizes that are offered over the internet.  These are the best air beds in each size.