Looking For The Best Air Mattress?

Ok, I have to be honest, after reading thousands of reviews on hundreds of different air beds, I wonder why air beds are still the top choice for spare beds, guest beds or camping beds.

Your concern may very well be the same concern that thousands of us have.  ”Is this thing going to lose air?”  Well, after years and years of research, I have found that if an air bed starts “losing air” whether it is 5 years old or 5 days old, it might just be an accidental puncture.

No matter the brand, warranty or company it was all the same.  ”bed leaks”,  ”air bed started leaking after one week”,  ”weak air bed, started leaking on the bottom” and on it goes.

So, why air air beds so puncture prone?  Well, to make sure the air bed is comfortable and  enjoyable to sleep on, air beds are made with relatively thin material.  Otherwise you would be better off sleeping on the floor.  Unfortunately, this also can create problems for those who encounter a sharp object when sliding the air mattress around.

After selling hundreds of thousands of air beds, Airbeds4less decided to create a private label “Fox Air Beds”, and make the best air mattress out there.  Now, “best air mattress” couldn’t be more cliche right?  When trying to make the “best” air mattress we knew a few things needed to happen.

First, the air beds needed to be strong.  Thicker vinyl than even Aerobed and camping air beds of Coleman.  To be the best air mattress, it cannot be problematic for those who use it.

Second, it MUST be comfortable.  No achy backs or necks in the morning.  Comfort is so important to those who seek out a great guest bed or permanent bed for themselves.  Way too many air beds leave you sagging towards the middle of the bed by morning.

Third, it MUST has space for two!  I am so sick of boxes stating certain dimentions and then the product is something totally false.  So, the sleeping surface IS AS ADVERTISED!  A true King or Queen, no trimming off 5 inches, yes, 5 or sometimes 6 inches to save a buck.

So, after putting these concerns to rest, we found what would be the “BEST” yes, “BEST” air mattress.  With an extemely high output air pump, you can inflate an entire king size air mattress in two minutes.  Coil beams that feel like a real bed and do NOT leave you sagging in the middle by morning.  And 33% thicker vinyl on the bottom and sides make it far more durable without compromising the comfort.  And, the dimensions…are true king and queen dimensions.  No need to “allow for stretching” as manufactures will have you do.

Go ahead and read the amazing reviews.  Nothing but 5 stars.  Ok, two 4 stars to date.  But, we are so excited about the results, we are soon bringing a memory foam air bed to the Fox Air Bed line.  We already have the “Best Air Bed” right?  Now we need the “Most Comfortable”.

Take a closer look at the videos and see for yourself why these air beds are getting such great reviews.

Best Air Beds

Check out some of the best air mattresses out there for each and every one of your needs. They come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone.

King  Air Bed

King Air Bed

You can pick up a single, twin, full, queen, and even king size mattress when you want to make sure you have somewhere to sleep. The size depends on where you want to bring it, space, and how many people are going to be sleeping there.

Queen Air Bed

Queen Air Bed

You have to make sure there is enough room to set it up, while also having enough room for everyone to sleep on it as well. This might be something that not a lot of people think about when it comes to purchasing their mattress.

Twin Air Bed

Twin Air Bed

Now you can think ahead however, and make sure you have everything set up ahead of time. Check out the different sizes that are offered over the internet.  These are the best air beds in each size.